Why Do We Wear Jewelry?

Why Do We Wear Jewelry?

Many people feel their look isn’t complete until their favourite accessories are added. But jewelry is much more than just a stylish accessory we use to compliment an outfit. Jewelry has played an essential role in everyday life and has evolved over thousands of years. There are many different reasons why people wear jewelry. 

Here are a few reasons why people wear jewelry:

 Symbolism and Significance 

Jewelry is often used as a symbol representing something deeper or significant in life. People often share jewelry with family and loved ones, passed down from one generation to the next. Different pieces of jewelry may carry meaning such as keeping your guardian angel on a necklace close to your heart or receiving a special bracelet for your 18th birthday. All types of jewelry can hold a special meaning to the person wearing it. 


Religious or Cultural Meaning

For thousands of years, both men and women have been wearing jewelry in almost every culture, region, and religion around the world. In different cultures, jewelry can symbolize wealth, power, and status. Many cultures include jewelry as part of their traditions, such as the Claddagh Ring from Ireland, which is used to symbolize your relationship status, depending on which hand and position you wear it on. 

Jewelry is also common in different religions around the world. For example, in the Skih religion, men and women wear a ‘Kara’ or ‘Kada’ which is a thick metal ring or bracelet, worn to honor a religious figure. A well-known example of a religious piece of jewelry is the Wedding Ring. A wedding ring is considered to be a token of love that unites a husband and wife in holy matrimony and represents the eternal love between a couple - just like the shape, it’s never-ending. 

Self Expression and Self-Confidence

Jewelry gives someone the chance to express themselves differently. People often feel more confident when they wear jewelry that has an emotional or personal attachment. Simply wearing a piece of jewelry that was gifted to you by a loved one, is enough to make you feel more confident. 

Expressing yourself through trendy jewelry styles, or simply wearing the pieces that you feel best represent you. Bold colour and statement jewelry are perfect for those who love a pop of colour. Other styles like simple beaded bracelets are essential for those who like a minimalist look. Some people prefer gold over silver and vice versa. Jewelry is all about finding what you like and what makes you feel good. 


Jewelry is typically made from rare materials, considering it good storage of value. Not only do people buy these pieces for their good looks, but also because of the value they hold. Pieces made from materials such as pure gold, silver, platinum, diamonds, and other stones, are often purchased as investments. These pieces are considered to be true investments because these materials do not corrode. 

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